10 tips that can completely transform your life this week!!

10 Tips that can completely transform your life - This week!!

Have you ever felt yourself wondering why everyone else seems to be more relaxed and happy? And that sometimes you will be in a moment, thinking about how you saw someone else in a similar situation but it was going so differently, and how you wish your situation was different.

We all tend to compare ourselves to others and whilst it isn't always best, because being authentically 'YOU' is the truest thing you can do in order to make yourself happy - sometimes we can realise that a situation can be different - others also inspire us and allow us to know what is possible.

Once I realised these simple things that I could do, and started doing them, I watched as my life changed and opportunities opened up - I felt happier, more content and more me. Even if you only take one of the ten things away and implement them into your life, you will start to see change.

Here are a 10 tips that the people you see 'handling their shit' know and that can help you right now:

  1. Replace your 'I'm sorry's' with thank yous, like instead of 'Sorry I'm late', I'll say 'Thanks for waiting for me' or instead of 'Sorry for being a mess right now', I'll
    say 'thank you for caring and loving me unconditionally'. Other's receive gratitude over negativity. When we receive gratitude, we are more open, more accepting, and more loving.
  2. Replace 'Need' for 'Want. The power of language is so influential in our unconscious minds. A 'Need' or necessity like 'have to', 'should' or 'got to' it removes choice. Our unconscious minds - which is where 95% of our brain function occurs follows the path of least resistance. Using words like 'want', 'can', 'will', 'could', or 'would' gives us options, allows choice and gives us more freedom. Even just becoming aware of when you use
    these words, you will start to notice that the things you say you 'Need' to do are probably things you are most likely avoiding - like cleaning the house, or replying to an email.
  3. Smile more. We might not want to always smile, and that's okay. But changing our physiology can change our mindset. Just as changing our mindset can change our body. They are so interlinked. They aren't separate entities. Smiling creates different chemical processes in your brain that can increase feelings of happiness, just by simply smiling more. And an added bonus is when you smile more, it ignites a similar response in others. And a smile can literally change someones day, or even someones life.
  4. Start GIVING. When we give, we learn how to receive. It also changes the way in which we attract the flow of things into our life. If you want more money, start giving. If your relationship lacks love, start giving it more love. You always get back what you put in. The other day I mowed a neighbour's lawn - I had never met them before, but noticed that their lawns where getting pretty long. They were so very grateful. And then the following month when I got home from a weekend away, another neighbour (who didn't know what I had done) had mowed my lawns. It works. Try it. Don't just take my word for it.
  5. Add value. This is the biggest mantra you can have in all you do. Ask yourself, what can I do in this situation to 'add value'? It can be at work, in your relationships, in you education, a conversation, anything. Adding value to the situation/experience/relationship results in better outcomes, more effective communication, and others more engaged.
  6. Understand before being understood. We all want to be understood. And most communication breakdowns happen when the parties are feeling as though they aren't being understood. Think about a situation when someone was trying to teach you something, or perhaps you were trying to explain something to you, and the other person didn't get it, so you just repeated the same instructions over and over again. Using the same approach means that you are trying to get the other person to understand you first. Take a moment to ask where they are getting lost, find out how they think about the topic, or what more information they need in order to understand. This makes you an effective communicator, and elevates tensions when communication breaks down. The person with the most flexibility has the most power.
  7. Set intentions for your day. Intentions aren't 'to do' lists, or tasks. It is what you hope to get out of the day. It is the things you want to be, and have. For example 'I intend to be on-time, to be organised, productive and useful with my time. I intend to attract and have more opportunities to achieve financial abundance. It can even be things that you intend for others, for example you are a business owner, you can write and intention to 'attract my clients into your business' or if you are a teacher you can write an intention that 'the kids will be calm and patient'. These are things that seem impossible to control until you know they are possible. Doing these in the first 10-15 minutes of being awake is the most effective. There is something very powerful about seeing the things you want written in your own handwriting. Give it a go.
  8. Nourish your body. You are literally what you eat. You convert all the food you consume into energy. That effects how energetic you are, how well you sleep, it impacts brain function and your ability to make decisions. Start by knowing what is in the food you eat. And if you are in doubt, or feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Go back to basics and eat food closet to the source, things less processed.
    Eat more vegetables (science suggests its almost impossible to eat too many vegies, so start snacking on them, jamming more into your meals). Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. Jump online and get inspired. Or click here for a few ideas to get you started. This peppermint slice is the best thing ever, it is so delicious it seems hard to believe it is good for you.
  9. Play. Play isn't just for kids. The more fun we can have in all we do, the more we learn, the more we connect and the more we experience. Play with exercise. Play with what you write. Play with how you engage with others. Play with your weekends and explore something new. Go on an adventure, see something new. Read something you have never read. And have fun with it. Move your body. You can do it right now, can't you. Just get up, jump up, move your body around. Just reading these words ignites something inside you to move, doesn't it. It is scientifically proven that play enhances your brain, increases your focus, and improves not only learning but your life expectancy. Play is literally the opposite of depression. Suppression of play in children has been proven to increase depression and other social issues. Check out Stuart Brown's Ted talk on the science behind play.
  10. Surround yourself with people who you want to influence you. Research has proven that you become a sum of the people you spend the most time with. Once you know this, you can utilise it. Think about it. When you have friendships that more aligned with who you want to be, it is much easier to be, do and have the things you want. For example, you want to start exercising, and one of your friends joins a gym, you are more likely to also train. Or you want to quit smoking but all your friends smoke, and you notice that once you quit, then another friend might also give up. Tim Ferris refers to this as an ever - evolving and changing list depending on what aspect of his life needs work.

Love & Kindness
NLP Coach,


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  1. I love that you’ve started this Jess! Beautiful words of truth, you’ll always have my support!

    Thank you for being there for me, a stranger then, when I needed it most. This is how I know what you are sharing here is true.

    Sending you love x

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