Are you happy in your career?

‘Be not afraid of Greatness.

Some are born great,

some achieve greatness

and others have greatness trust upon them.’ 

William Shakespeare (The Twelfth Knight)

Have you always felt a greater pull to a higher purpose? But maybe you’re not even sure what that is yet? Perhaps you flip between jobs unsatisfied by them? Or you are doing a job you are good at, or others hold with prestige instead of having the career you want? You may even see others living their own dreams and wish you could have what they have? Or you wonder if you will ever be ‘that’ passionate about something?

There are easy techniques and questions in which you can ask yourself in order to help you find more about yourself and your path. And all that is inside of you is there for purpose, the dream you have, which you may or may not realise yet, is yours alone. The Change In You can help you get closer to your goals and it is all done with conversation. Ignite yourself and realise your greatness.

For a moment, let us focus on a particular area of your life, your career. Now take a moment to think about 4-6 things that are important to you in your career. For example, in your job or career it may be important for you to have respect, validation, growth, support, security, and fun (these are just some examples remember, it is important to find out what your values are to get the most out of this). Once you have your Values, write them down. Then place a tick or a cross next to each one depending on whether or not these values are being met. If any of the values are marked with an X ask yourself the following questions;

What can you CONTINUE to do/be/have in order to get those values met?

What can you START to do/be/have in order to get those values met?

What can you CHANGE in order to get those values met?

This simple exercise can give you insight to the areas of your life that you may find friction or dissatisfaction in. It can help you to regain control and to then set about taking the steps to get you values met to create a conducive and happy area of your life.

And remember, you may not be able to change or control a situation or others, but you do have control over your own actions, thoughts and feelings – becoming consciously aware of them and setting about creating the space you desire is key.

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