12 Days of Mindfulness


A 12 day guide to Mindfulness. Complete with easy to follow exercise (that only take 1-2 minutes), and tips and tricks to effortlessly and easily get you on the road to a life you want.


We are familiar with the importance of exercise (output) and a balanced diet (input) for our health and well being. And whilst these are both necessary for optimal health, we often neglect to tend to the health of our minds.

Mindfulness is frequently pushed to the side in our busy lives as we fill our space with social media profiles, online scrolling, emails, work – which tend to create more clutter in our minds, layering our thoughts and putting our attention in other moments rather than the present.

Practicing mindfulness can only be done by YOU, for YOU. Most of us find it hard to prioritise ourselves, and aren’t aware the benefits of practicing mindfulness bring.

“Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present.” – Psychology Today

Starting mindfulness practice can be overwhelming to begin with. ‘How do I think “nothing” or still my thoughts?, my mind is so busy all the time,”. Well experiencing moments of ‘Mindfulness’ can be a lot easier than you think, but we allow our busy lives to get in the way. The idea of fitting more ‘stuff’ into your ever busy schedule just seems impossible.

Well, here is the secret – Taking time for yourself to settle your mind actually makes you more productive, sleep better and improves your health and relationships. And the bigger secret is that mindfulness isn’t as hard as you think.

So if you’re new to training your mind and exploring the world of ‘mindfulness’, or you just don’t know where to start – this course is for you.

12 days of Mindfulness

This course includes:

  • 12 days of mindfulness lessons
  • Simple 1-10 minute exercises

Incorporating just a little but of mindfulness into your daily life can cause massive shifts. That is why the 12 Days of Mindfulness program has short lessons that can easily fit into your busy life.

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12 days of mindfulness everyone

This program is for:

  • EVERYONE. if you can breathe and read, you can do this.
  • People who are new to practicing mindfulness and mediation
  • There are options for those who want more of a challenge and easy for people who have never practiced mindfulness.
  • People who want to reduce stress, for people who want to improve focus, for people who want to be more present.

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At the end of the program, students will:

  • have skills to relieve stress and anxiety
  • be able to practice simple meditations
  • have a greater understanding of themselves
  • have an expanded awareness
  • understand more about how the mind works and the importance of mindfulness
  • be calmer, happier and more fulfilled

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How does it work?

Purchase the program and receive all 12 days of the Mindfulness tips and tricks, and exercises and tasks that can easily fit into your busy life (literally 1-2 minutes, and advanced options available). You will have access to the entire program so if you miss a day you can easily head to the day you’re up to, or you can go back and redo the program in the future.

The program can be downloaded to your phone for easy access.

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