To Be A Mum


Motherhood is a the most transformative journey a woman can take. It begins with conception, then extends through the changes that follow for pregnancy; her body, mind and spirit preparing for the birth of her child, her legacy. This transformation is intensified during the first year of the child’s life – during this time, the mother experiences deep changes within herself; her soul, spirit and identity goes through metamorphosis as she discovers another layer of herself. This transformation is critical to the bond she shares with her child, but most importantly the relationship she has with herself. A deeper understanding of life, grace and love fills her being and she walks with a new lightness to her step, a grounding to her being. The mental and physical changes during this time are felt for the rest of her life, as she begins to sense more than just herself and who she is, but is also aware of the presence of her child, their emotions, thoughts, and their being.

Motherhood is emotional, challenging, reflective, developing. A journey in which the mother learns to accept more of herself, and in doing so accepts more of who her child is. As she begins to hear her own authentic voice resonating through the chatter that can happen in our minds, she finds stillness and gratitude. Motherhood is where a true connection of self begins. She watches lovingly as her child sleeps, or takes their first steps. She watches as her child forges their own identity in the world and worries for them and the challenges they must encounter to also experience the growth they need.

Our mothers, each of them, have been through the change of self that occurs when she births and raises a child. She has given herself to the life we have. Nourished, protected and loved our entire being with her body, her time, her heart. These mothers were before us, just people as we are (or as we were before children) individuals seeking more from life, with only a basic knowledge of what motherhood really entails. The experience of course, is where the truth is revealed and this journey is different for each woman and each birth that follows – as each time a new change occurs, the chemical process in her brain creates new neurons to support the new future she is creating for herself, her children, and her family.

The years and lifetimes that follow after a mother births her baby, are mystical, challenging and filled with more emotions and growth for her, and her children than one can imagine. Each year is precious. Each moment that presents itself is another moment of gratitude and beauty, as it slowly forms into the next, leaving behind the nostalgic remnants of what was and blooming into the beautiful moment that is. She has most probably cried on the kitchen floor once or twice for you; in pain, desperation, frustration, heartbreaking love. She has clothed you, fed you, loved you – all to the best of her ability. Shining her light as brightly as she could. Connecting and being in ways only she knows how. She has made mistakes for you, despite you, with you. She has picked herself back up and showed you the resilience that is life. She did everything in her power to love you the way she knew only how.

This Mother’s day, take a moment to accept your Mum for all that she is, and all she has been in your life – beautifully with her imperfections. Just as you stand before her with your faults, appreciate that she loves you regardless, as you begin to do the same. Sense the presence of the human she is, the gratitude you have for her and her ability to carry and birth you into this world. By accepting her to prosper as she is, you build the connection you have with one another, no longer needing to change the other person to fit your expectations of the world. Just as she did for you the day you were born. Gratitude brings with it the endless possibilities that the universe provides and the opportunities that constantly present themselves for us to find and carry grace.

To each Mum out there (in all the forms that you take), Happy Mother’s day. You have graced this world with your presence and been able to do one of the most self sacrificing acts in birthing and parenting your child into this world, nourishing them in life. And enriching this world with connection and presence.

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